If you want to gain an understanding of a culture, the best place to look is always the art that is being produced. Architecture is an ever-varying art form that is constantly mixing creativity and functionality, growing in technological advances, and striving to reflect the culture and time that it inhabits. Below is a list of architecture trends from 2016 that reflect the values of our culture today.

Identity- Bespoke Houses

Identity has been an extremely important value in 2016. Everyone wants the freedom to choose exactly who they want to be respected in that light. The Bespoke Home seeks to satisfy this desire. Bespoke means to “speak for something,” and this is exactly what these homes do. They speak towards the individuality and identity of each person who is looking to build their dream home. Designers of these homes give the individual complete freedom to make changes to the layout to better suit their needs and personalities.

Connectivity- Open Concept Homes

Another value that people of 2016 hold is the ability to be connected. Social media, and the improvement of personal technology has led to the ability to stay connected to friends and family resulting in a complex web of connectivity that stretches to all parts of the globe. This intriguing phenomenon is reflected in the Open Concept style of home. In this style, compartmentalization has been replaced with open layouts that weave each room seamlessly with the next. Entertaining in this style of architecture allows hosts and guests to have a level of connection that other layouts prevent.

Sustainability- Inside or Outside?

One of the major concerns of 2016 is living more in harmony with nature. This trend has caused many architects to design buildings that are not only economic friendly but also spaces that blend in with nature. More and more buildings are being designed to bring nature inside and blend the building in with its surroundings. Inside gardens, livable outdoor spaces, and bigger windows are all ways that architects use to increase this connection to nature.

Minimalism- Flex Homes/Tiny Houses

An upsurge in people wanting to live on less with fewer possessions, combined with the desire of many to live with increased mobility, has led to a fascinating upsurge of Flex Homes and Tiny Houses. The goal of both of these is to take a very small space and make it beautiful and livable. The challenge with these homes is to make every corner of the home multi-use. Furniture must also serve as storage, and many of the building’s features must be hidden in the walls. In Flex Homes, one room can be altered like a puzzle to become three or more different rooms depending on the need of the moment.

These are undoubtedly just a few of the ways that architecture around us shows us who we are as a culture. Architecture, as with other art, takes the form of the culture that it lives in. It is incredibly interesting to watch it alter with the culture around it and to remember that it changes because we change.

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