Slip and fall accidents can befall anyone at any place and time, resulting in serious back, neck, arm, leg or head injuries. At times the unfortunate mishap might be purely accidental. However, there are instances where it resulted from the negligence of the property owner. In such a situation, you as the victim can get slip and fall lawyers to help you recover your lost wages, medical expenses or even to compensate you for the pain and suffering you underwent.

Nevertheless, for you to make a successful claim, you must prove that you indeed did sustain injuries due to the property owner’s negligence. The following are some the steps you ought to take to help you build a successful Slip and fall legal suit.


Get medical Help immediately

When you get involved in any form of accident, securing your safety should be your immediate priority. Even though you might feel Ok shortly after a slip or fall, some injuries might take a few days or longer before they manifest. For this reason, make sure a physician examines you. If a medic is not available at the incident scene, take the time to visit your doctor right after the ordeal. The doctor will assess the extent of your injuries and prescribe a treatment or plan for managing the pain. Furthermore, the medical practitioner will document your injuries, which act as useful evidence for building your case.


Examine the area you fell or slipped

Inspect the scene to verify what caused the trip. It could be snow, litter, wet floor, slippery floor, spilled food, a damaged staircase, rough concrete or loose flooring. Once you verify the reason for the accident, document what transpired by writing it down in detail or recording it to ensure you have concrete evidence. The primary motivation for preserving the evidence is that with the passage of time, it can disappear, or you might not recall the incident vividly.

An efficient method of documenting the accident scene is by taking photos or videos that illustrate the negligence. Fortunately, most mobile phones and smartphones have inbuilt cameras, which can prove quite useful. These devices are reliable sources of evidence since they also record the date and the time of the mishap.


Identify credible witnesses

In the absence of verifiable evidence, your case weakens since it becomes just your word against the property owners’. If you wish to strengthen the claim, collect the names, phone numbers, and addresses of those present during the accident. The witnesses should include those who saw you slip or fall as well as those who turned up later on, in reaction to the commotion. These witnesses will end up being useful especially if the property manager disputes your claim.


Report the incident

After gathering sufficient evidence about the accident, make sure you inform the owner of the store, shopping mall, apartment building, restaurant or home where you fell. While at it, insist that the manager makes an accident report of the ordeal and you retain a copy. The document acknowledges that the slip or fall did indeed happen on the premises. After filling out the incident report, refrain from talking to the store’s representatives, attorneys, private investigators or insurance or even giving them a recorded statement. Bear in mind that the property managers are afraid you might sue. Consequently, they will try to get as much information as possible to weaken your claim.


Keep your evidence safe

Once you have gathered enough proof to illustrate that you sustained injuries due to the property owner’s negligence, take every possible action to ensure the evidence stays safe. For instance, do not wash the clothes or shoes you wore during the accident. Similarly, store your photos and videos in a safe, secure place. Your garments might still contain liquids, powders or substances that made you fall.


Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Even though you might have a valid personal injury claim, if you do not have proper legal representation, high chances are, you are highly likely to lose the case. Hence, consider enlisting the services of reputable slip and fall lawyers like Gruber Law to help you navigate the tricks and hurdles of insurance companies. Besides, such competent attorneys will help you prepare a winning claim that will ensure you get the maximum possible award. Provide every information and evidence to the lawyer, no matter how trivial or unimportant you think it might be. At the same be as factual as possible and resist the urge to exaggerate the incident.


Be discreet about the claim

Once you have contracted a slip and fall attorney, do not go about bragging of your intention to sue the property owner responsible for your injury. In fact, do not even make a post related to the accident on social media. Many victims end up losing strong cases simply because after hiring lawyers they went around bragging, threatening or maligning the defendants. Similarly, a personal injury victim might unintentionally make a posting that downplays the extent of the injuries or even publish his or her picture doing some rather strenuous activity. Insurance companies can use such information to demonstrate that you did not suffer any loss or pain from the accident.


Continue with your medical treatment

Just because you have enlisted the services of competent slip and fall lawyers, it does not mean you should neglect your injuries. Keep visiting the hospital for the physician to monitor your progress. Staying on with the treatment not only promotes your quick and healthy recovery but also acts as proof of how severe your injuries were.