Almost immediately after the invention of the internet, it seemed as though marketers were already using the newly expanded scope to their advantage. Eventually, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing was born, and a fresh list of challenges for businesses evolved overnight. Having a website was no longer enough. Now they must be among the first listed links in any given related result. Being at the top gets harder every day with websites generated every second. A simple search for “flower shops in Austin, Texas” yields 2.05 million results in Google and 2.52 million results in Bing. Disregarding the fact that it is humanly impossible to research every page of those results to determine the best flower shop to suit your needs, most people won’t make it past the first page. Ten results out of millions—those are the odds for a flower shop in Austin to be found by a potential customer in a simple search. SEO marketing isn’t going out of style any time soon, so why should you use it to your advantage? Here are three reasons why you should invest in SEO marketing for your business:

  1. It works. The top listed results in any search most likely are not there because they happened to have the most people randomly click on their website. They are there because of SEO marketing. Cleverly placed keywords and backlinks contribute to the success of the top websites, not organic search results. Do you want to take a chance on the odds being “ever in your favor”, or do you want to make your own luck? This strategy will exponentially increase your online presence and cause your website to show up sooner in search results.
  2. Best ROI. When it comes to marketing your business, SEO marketing is far cheaper than social media ads or email marketing programs. While these are also important aspects of online marketing, SEO marketing will give you the best return on your investment than any other option. In many ways, SEO marketing should remain the foundation of your marketing approach, and the other methods will build off of it.
  3. Competitors are doing it. Because this approach works and is cost effective, businesses realize the value this marketing strategy has. SEO marketing is not just a one-time deal. If you are not constantly increasing your position, your competitors are. You will stay stagnant and they will advance. You must actively invest in this marketing strategy for it to pay off day after day; or you will lose your position to the competition.

There are other reasons why a business would choose SEO marketing to belong in their arsenal of strategic weapons, but these are the top three. With advancement in technology and mobile devices becoming “smarter” by the second, SEO marketing will become an even more important tool in the near future. Businesses adapt to survive, and the marketing department is no different. Let SEO help your business evolve to the next level.


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